Weight: 280lbs

Height: 6'2

Home: The Northwoods

Titles Held: AWW Heavyweight Champion (current), NFW Hardcore Champion (2x), PHPW Tag Team Champion (3x), PHPW Hardcore Champion, PHPW US Champion

About Dinn T Moore

It all started three years ago. I was in the Northwoods doing things that we lumberjacks do, when a scream emerged from my families cabin. I ran back to notice my father, Dinty More, lying murdered on the wood floor. I also saw that our safe, containing our families prized stew recipe, was busted open. Upon inspection I noticed the recipe was gone. I started an investigation and learned that someone in the wrestling world was the mastermind behind this. So I searched out my uncle, Col. Corruption, and his militia friends and learned the ways of the wrestling business. I will someday find the man responsible for stealing the recipe. And with my AXE in hand I will have my revenge! That is the story of Dinn T. More, the real story is like this: I have been a wrestling fan since I was 7. My friends neighbor was a pro wrestler, Jan Jones. He introduced me to him, who in turn, introduced me to Trevor Adonis. I had a try out camp with Trevor. I fell in love immediatly. After the camp Trevor introduced me to my mentor Rich Finke. Every Wednesday from that day on I went over to Rich's house. In his basement he taught me and another fellow by the name of Mike Nowak, better known as KingPin, everything. Before shows Rich, Tough Tom, Mike Medallion, Iron Mike Samson, Trevor, and Adrian Lynch, would run us through drills. I made my debut as one half of the Southern Mississippi Militia, Kapt. Kaos. Then Dinty was born and the rest is history.

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